WordPress + GoDaddy = Problems

So here’s something that took about 4 hours of my life to figure out.

Situation: You have a go-daddy hosted wordpress site. You have made a child theme for said wordpress site. Theme works great. Make updates to child theme style.css; nothing fancy, just some regular old css.

Reload style.css to appropriate directory via sftp. Go to site.

Problem: No new styles!!! And in fact, old, crappy styles!

Try: flushing cache. Multiple times. Clearing browser cache. Multiple times. Inspect network calls; see that the old styles.css is being loaded (though it doesn’t exist anymore). Delete styles.css and reupload. Check child theme permissions to make sure nothing funky is going on there. Copy entire styles.css and paste into theme options > custom css. Load stylesheet explicitly via the header.php file. Google like crazy. Start to panic because site you are working on is the blog of the VP of your company.

Solution: Activate a different theme. Pause. Reactivate the correct theme.

Freaking GoDaddy or WordPress or whoever!!! Whoever is at fault I hate you!


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