Building the Dojo Boilerplate

If you’re trying to use and are getting the following error in the terminal when trying to build:
“-bash: command not found”
You probably need to add “./” to “”. As someone not very Unix savvy this caused me hours of frustration.

So, to elaborate on the instructions under “Quick Start” found in the dojo-boilerplate github project –>

  1. Clone the repository using git clone –recursive.
    [My addition: Or click “clone in desktop” on the right hand side of the git hub page]
  2. Develop your project in src/ until it is amazing.
  3. Run, which will create an awesome optimised build in dist/.
    [My addition: Do the following:

    1. Open the Terminal (assuming you’re on a Mac – sorry, can’t really help if you’re not)
    2. cd to the boilerplate directory – specifically, you can type “cd” and then, drag the dojo-boilerplate directory into the terminal. This is a shortcut to cd to that directory. Alternatively, you can explicitly type out the directory path, as in “cd /User/uName/dojo-boilerplate”, where “/User/uName/dojo-boilerplate” is the path to your dojo-boilerplate.
    3. then type “./” into the terminal.
    4. you should then see a ton of logs showing that something is happening. Be patient, after about a minute, you will see “Build complete”. Now everything should be compiled in the “dist” folder that was created.
  4. Upload dist/ for millions of people the world over to enjoy.

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